Mittens: Finger-less with red wrists with green top


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Two and 1/2 to Three inch cuffs fit over or under your coat, keeping your wrists warm while the open top and thumb hole gives you movement to work the pull cord on your snow blower, or put your keys in you car door. Warmth while still being able to move is perfect for winter and gives you just a little added warmth in the fall and spring. I love slipping them over the dollar store gloves that aren’t entirely warm but these give them extra warmth while still keeping my fingers usable or under my favorite mittens so if I take the mittens off my hands aren’t bare.

The seed stitch also gives a nice rippled look to the cuffs that you can’t find anywhere else.

Easy to care for to just toss them in the wash and dry flat. (except wool ones dry flat)
Acrylic unless otherwise said.


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