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Inspired by 17th century paintings these Garden Aprons allow you to pick from your garden or orchards with 2 hands speeding up harvest time and allowing more cooking time. Two sizes are available with original with a 12 inch deep pocket and Long with an 18 inch deep pocket. Made with 100% decorative cotton on the outside for a fun flair and a cotton drill fabric lining to hold up to the wear and tear of the garden life.  Hooks or buttons (Varies by apron) hang from the polyester waist to hold up the bottom corners of the apron for the pocket and unhook easily for a quick empty and an easy clean. Machine wash and dry, do not bleach.

These handy aprons have 12 inch deep pockets allowing easy carrying of 20-25 lbs. of produce. Perfect for small and large gardens, apple picking or to place a small basket inside for berry picking. Perfect for Potatoes, tomatoes, beans, herbs, and squashes.

100% Cotton fabric  with 100% Polyester Ties, hook and eyes or metal buttons (Will vary by aprons)

Waist band colors will vary.

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