Shirts long Sleeve Flannel: Red Plaid Nautical Women’s size large


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These shirts are a favorite of mine and the top asked for gift for my family members (besides hand knit socks). There is something so cozy and comforting about wrapping once self in their favorite flannel whether it is for a trip to the market or hauling in fire wood.
These one of a kind flannel shirts continue that tradition. Each shirt is made with cozy flannel we all love and each piece is stitched together for optimal love. Some share in the traditional sense while others share fun themes for you adventures.
The top stitching on each shirt is shown in a complement color to add style and to remember each stitch our fore-mothers did by hand. The buttons are picked to complement the shirt and are either handmade polymer clay buttons, repurposed or plastic ones.
These shirts are measured by chest size for fit. Small 34-36 Petite sizes can be custom ordered. Men’s shirts available via custom ordered.


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