Kitchen Apron Full: Fall: Pumpkin with plaid


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There something as perfectly nostalgic as putting on your favorite apron. These handmade aprons continue that feeling with a 50s flair. Full aprons measure one yard long and are an average 18 inches across the chest (this may vary depending on cut with some measuring 16 to 20) and averaging 22 inches on the bottom (may vary by apron as well measuring 20 to 24 inches) and 14 inches long. Bow ties around the neck with 22 inch long ties. The bottom is 22 inches long and measures 26-30 (will vary by pleating styles) around the stomach with a 2 yard long tie.
Large pockets for spoons, scissors and anything else you need to keep at hand. Fun designs to keep your creative juices flowing in your kitchen. 100% Cotton with 100% Polyester ties for easy clean just machine wash and dry. Iron as you desire. Perfect for any modern or vintage kitchen.
Happy Cooking.


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